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Company online presence management

Being on the Internet is not enough. You must always be aware of the impression you make.


Do your market research with Astute Suite Analytics! We can provide real-time tracking, campaign progress reports as well as keywords popularity research.  It is the quintessential system to understand your clients’ behaviours in any market. Because our systems not only makes the grade, we surpass it.

Traffic Analytic

Analyse your web traffic on social media or personalized webpages, and keep yourself constantly updated with visitor reports and hits/search rankings.

Lead Conversion/Tracker

Find out whether your customer leads are being converted into sales with our customized tracking systems, and repeat the results that yields the best sales conversion!

Marketing Automation

Stop cold calling, and start closing your sales with Astute Suite now!

Our automated marketing modules would assist you in managing and keeping every single existing client, while going out there to get new ones. You can even cut out any go-betweens, and save yourself from the cost of brochures, advertising columns or even sales person, which can be ineffective at the best of times.

All these accomplishments, and without any significant effort on your part!

Contact Management

Whether your clients are from afar or near you, you can seek them out and keep them close, and sort them under clearly defined groups and categories.  

Email Blaster

Our email blasting system enables you to send out any number of emails to every client of yours while acquiring genuine responses from recipients, keeping them in constant contact with you.

Scheduled Blasting

Keep people informed of your company actives and create marketing campaigns with a professional appearance anytime!

Social Media

People desire to stay in touch. Whether it is reviews on the latest IPhone to wedding anniversary ideas, life in the modern world is inseparable from social media. Everyone, from your neighbor to the most popular celebrities stay connected to social networks daily.


And Astute Suite will connect every single one of them to you!

Integrated Social Networking Platform

Manage your social networks well with our combined platform regardless of which social network you or you clients use. Whenever you have a promotion or an issue you want to raise, such a platform allows you to quickly get to your contacts and enjoy meaningful feedback.

Facebook Management

Watch as your Facebook profile and page comes to live! Enjoy lively business to customer interaction that enriches your work and get the highest sales conversion rates with the most popular social network on earth.

Twitter Expansion

Get the fastest reaction rate to your tweets! Enjoy yourself and add more followers every day, spread the word of you and your event as well as involve yourself with all that is happening in the surrounding community.

Google Plus Optimization

Foster different communities in Google+ to enter your social media family. Start entering Google’s very own social network and connect yourself with everything Google has!

Effective Web Development Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

Almost anyone can start a webpage, whether it is by means WordPress or self-constructed model. But not everyone one can make the grade. Most websites tend not to get good rankings on search engine because their content might not be search engine friendly.


Our search engine optimization promises web visibility. By keeping you on the top of search engine results, Astute Suite guarantees that clients can always find you, and new business would always come to your doorstep.

Keyword Research

Complete the best of keyword researches through Astute Suite. Avoid ambiguity, and associate yourself with any keyword that is associated to your business, whether it is of the most generic kind or a clear-cut one.

Rank Tracking

Track and maintain your web rankings, constantly keeping it in front of visible to all visitors.

Website Audit

Investigate your website. Seek out what is missing, what can be improved and what is the best solution for any possible flaws.

Competitor Research

Find out and define your competitors, monitor their promotions or activities to seek out what you could be missing that would help you stay ahead in your industry.

Website Building

The web modulating function of Astute Suite enhances user experience as we upgrade your website’s design and performance. Visitors will be delighted as they surf your web address, be impressed with its streamlined appearance as well as be pleased with its function and accessibility.  

Module Integrated CMS Engines

Your websites does not have to be for promotional purposes either. Show off your web friendliness as we incorporate search engine rankings or showcase social media events in your webpage. Visitors will be able to see the popularity of your pages, and never miss any of your social events and promotions that incurs their interest

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